Any recruitment messages you may or may not have read that may or may not have directed you to this page may or may not contain forward looking statements and loose interpretations of various statistics including message board post counts. Most statements are to be considered hyperbolic marketing and recruiting statements and are not intended to be taken as the Lord's Gospel (or the gospel of The Gods or Thor or Budhha, or whoever you choose to worship. Or chose not to worship. This is a non-denominational forum!) At any time, there may be unexpected slowdowns in messageboard post counts due to people having real lives. At any time, other leagues may be more active than our's, more fun than our's, friendlier than our's, better looking than our's, richer than our's, own more houses than we do, have better players on their teams, know more about quantum physics, or even get more chicks than us. In other words, other leagues may be better than ours depending on your viewpoint. I bet we can drink with the best of the them, though. No matter what.

If you own a league and wish to advertise your league on other forums, please use hyperbolic marketing and recruiting statements of your own. We promise not to jump on your thread even if you claim to be "The best league in the whole gosh darn universe" or "A league that the gods smile upon. The gods knowing we are the bestest league in the world honor us with bountiful harvests, much riches, and many healthy children. Joining our league helps prevent scurvy and is known to cure cancer."

Now that I look at it, that phrase kind of rocks. If you use, we'll be asking for royalties. Don't worry, I'm easy to work with. We'll find a usage plan that fits your budget.

Heck, if you run an active league, you can even advertise here if you want. A lot of our players like playing in other leagues.

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If you are unsure of the legal implications of this disclaimer, please consult with an attorney before entering. If you cannot afford an attorney, you're on your own. We're not a bunch of public defenders or high falutin attornies who do pro bono work because we're fabulously rich, extremely bored, and trying to prove we care about people.

This disclaimer is not valid in Nigeria, Denmark, or Kalamazoo, Michigan. Although if you're from Nigeria, I'd appreciate it if you would have your royal family members stop emailing me. I'm not helping anyone to stash millions of dollars unless it's at no cost and no risk to me. Mail me a check, I'll deposit it, hold it, and send you a money order back when the time is right. No muss, no fuss.

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